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Why No Poetry

Why no poetry on my blog,
Is it that I have a fear,
Are my creative pipes all blocked,
Cos there’s no topic, to me that dear.

Poets write about love and passion,
Poets spill tales of joy and sadness,
I’m only as good as a horror slash-em,
Anyone reading will think it’s madness.

And so a poetry post eludes me,
I think I should just leave,
But rest assure I’m a busy bee,
There’s something good up my sleeve.

I don’t tend to write much poetry, you can see why.

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Write! Hold Firm

Write! Hold firm, and write without fear,
With Love in your heart of someone dear.
Be not afraid to burn the midnight oil,
Otherwise with regret you’ll forever toil. 

If the world deem, you barking mad,
Hold smile on your face, don’t feel sad.
Let the words flow free and wide,
Their honesty will battle any tide.    

Many will tell you, you can’t write,
That it’s as hard as trying, to fly a kite.
It’s time to stand firm, words can mend,
Have faith,  make pen your closest friend.                                                            

Make paper your path on which to walk,
Become that listener,  hear people talk.
There will be times when the hand will ache,
Lift it up and give it a good shake.
There will be moments when you get writers block,
Take a break,  it’s not a race against the clock. 

If this is the one,  then do take your time,
To rush the words would be the ultimate crime. 

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Promotional Post: Young Writers “Poem”

My son’s year at school were asked to submit a poem for a Young Writers competition.  He worked on it alongside a friend and fortunately their work was selected and will be published in a short book of other poems.   As a treat, I promised them some advertising space on this blog and in return for daily payment in the form of car cleaning and cups of tea, their work would have access to my lovely blogging community.

Poem is based on the Tudor era, U9’s category.  Well done Rajan & Ryan.

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A Prayer for the Dead

When I am dead,

Cry for me a little,

Think of me sometimes,

But not too much.

Think of me now and again,

As I was in life,

At some moments it’s pleasant to recall,

But not for long.

Leave me in peace,

And I shall leave you in peace,

And while you live,

Let your thoughts be with the living.

Not sure who to credit this to, it’s by ANON (unknown person).  Came across it in a poetry book I picked up from my local library a few days back. 

It’s the last line for me, that we have to move on and hold onto what’s living, as opposed to always delving into the past, searching for someone who is never going to come back.