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My Book Release

In 2016 I put pen to paper to write a book about two brothers who drove from London to India with strangers.  This road trip took place in the 1960s and was a remarkable feat because until then the brothers had never driven out of London before.  But the story interweaves with their journey to England in the first instance, and how it shaped them for the road trip. 

I am over the moon to have finally finished writing their story and published it online to share with everyone.  The personal journey has been a mix of challenges and jubilation.  Trying to balance work and family life, and pouring your heart and soul into writing has taught me many lessons. 

Often we get so involved in the situation that when we can’t dedicate the time, it can become frustrating.  Later I’ll share some personal tips on how to ‘achieve that writing goal’, it definitely worked for me.

I found writing one of the most liberating experiences and to anyone who wants to write a story of any genre, you can do it.

The book is out now in digital and paperback on amazon

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#Friday 15.0: Editor recommendation needed

Each week I will (try and) share a small segment of something useful I learnt. While this is for my own amusement I hope it resonates with my lovely readers.

I’ve been following the standard model

                  Today’s what have I learnt post is more a reach out to the blogging community on Editor recommendations. For those who have been following me, you will know that in 2015 I started working on my novel. As of May 2020, and after copious amounts of wonderful, helpful feedback I have taken the book as far as I can. If I follow a standard model for manuscript development, then it looks something like this: 

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