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A Day Not The Same For All

It’s a warm Sunday morning and I decide to go for a bike ride

In the first leg of my ride, I cycle past a village pub,
There is a group of men sitting outside,
The amber looking beer glasses filled to the brim,
There is loud laughter, drinking together is fun,
They take a look at me riding past,
In my mind, they say “Silly guy on his wheels”
It’s now moving from warm to a little hot!

In the second leg of my ride, I am now cycling up a hill,
On my left side there is an old cemetery I can see,
There is a car reversing out but stops at the entrance,
I slow down just to be sure and my attention moves to the back,
There is a girl sitting with head down crying heavily,
Those in front haven’t noticed her state yet, But I have.
It’s now moving from a little hot to hotter!

In the third leg of my ride, I peddle swiftly along a flat countryside track,
It’s been 10 miles and I stop to fuel up with a chocolate bar,
I look around and notice a couple sitting on a grassy bank,
Both their eyes locked into each other, seem so in love,
I move along, as not to distract them from their moment.
It’s now moving from a little hotter to unbearable!

In the fourth leg of my ride, I am heading towards home,
10 more miles have passed since I saw that couple in love,
The sky has turned grey and the clouds look angry,
I’m not far from home when the heavens open,
God has left the tap running, drops come down menacingly,
Drivers stuck in traffic on the other side, look across to me,
In my mind, they say “Silly guy on his wheels”
It’s now moved from unbearable to cleansing!