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Mondays – I wish I had…..#8

“not been so harsh on the evolving tech”

Here’s the irony! I work in the tech industry but have never embraced it fully. While I may appreciate the speed of development I refuse the notion it’s going to make our life easy. But maybe I was a little harsh.

Yesterday was Mothers Day and I know this can be a tough day for a lot of people. On fathers day while my kids and wife do spoil me, I feel an emptiness because I do miss my father. In the interest of safety my siblings and I decided we would not all meet up this time around. Though my mum is a fit and healthy 65 year old, we didn’t want to take the risk. Yesterday afternoon we all set up our laptops in our houses and used Microsoft Teams for a 3 way Happy Mothers Day chat and celebration session. It was strange to start with but mum loved it. I know she feels it but she was happy we still kept up the tradition of meeting, be it virtual.

So for the tech that lets you keep in touch, to talk, to share good things or moments of uncertainty, hail hail.

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Smart Phones – They Will Destroy Us!

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I was travelling to London this week and noticed a large percentage of people walking around with their heads down.  At first I thought maybe London had been struck down by some neck virus and that people were unable to lift their heads up, even to talk.  Then, to my utter dismay, I realised that they were peering into their smart phones, silly me!

I was always taught to make eye contact when talking to someone, ever tried making a conversation with a person while he is playing a game?  My response would be two words, not suited for a Friday.

We have a new threat!

World Domination in Progress

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Our very own “KITT” in UK cars, family trip punch ups!

As I was working my way through the Sunday Times last week, I read an article about Ford now looking to introduce a version of KITT in its cars for the UK (I understand this is already present in the US).

Oh what a laugh this is going to be….. Continue reading “Our very own “KITT” in UK cars, family trip punch ups!”

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Travel back in time – what one thing would you change?

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The return of an old movie sparks the mind, the time travel is an off-shoot, but the question posed too great to ignore.  If we had the power, would we dare step on the butterfly only to see the world in total chaos? Continue reading “Travel back in time – what one thing would you change?”

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Angry Birds – loo trips will never be the same

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Just recently I took the bold step of saying goodbye to my Nokia N95 phone (which was doing a great job) and upgrading to a HTC Desire smartphone.  As I discovered, it came pre-loaded with a host of applications, including a game called Angry Birds.

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