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Pause for Friday thought

Ask them not what they are like in public. But more so when no one is watching.

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Be A Good Gardener of Life

Life is like a garden,

And you the gardener,

Careful what you plant,

For you reap what you sow.

It’s been a while….so the first few lines that popped into my head.
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Being Arty -My Very Own Salvador Dali

I like to draw from time to time and always enjoyed art at school (albeit I wasn’t great at it). So regardless of the fact that we are all locked in and trying to keep ourselves occupied, we enjoyed this activity a long time before.

I’m fond of Salvador (Dali)

In 1999 (tender age of 20 something) I spent the final year at University hanging out with an art student. I was studying computing but wanted a break from 24/7 techie talk.  I attended art exhibitions for a mindset change, hosted by students, and made a new friend.  This friend of mine was a big fan of works by Salvador Dali.  Long story short, over the course of the year I too became a fan of his work.  I kept rabbiting on about it at home, so for my next birthday I got a re-print of one of Dali’s master pieces (I wouldn’t have said no to an original).  Continue reading “Being Arty -My Very Own Salvador Dali”

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Mondays – I wish I had…..#9

“taken the time to appreciate the night sky more”

Just before heading off to bed last night, I went to double lock the front door. It’s normal practice, but last night I opened the door and stood out on my steps. Looking up I caught sight of the night sky and gleaming stars. So I took a picture of it.

Night sky

I stared at the stars for a while, maybe a neighbour may have spotted by unusual behaviour. But I realised how little time I spent looking up, too busy looking down, just another headless chicken. The photo won’t do it justice but the sky was beautiful, the stars were joyful and at peace. I wouldn’t say the air quality is poor where I live, but it may be a nice improvement compared to 8 weeks ago.

Today a friend shared the following on a WhatsApp group, and so I wanted to share it with you. Have you noticed such changes where you are? If so, let me know.

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Mondays – I wish I had…..#8

“not been so harsh on the evolving tech”

Here’s the irony! I work in the tech industry but have never embraced it fully. While I may appreciate the speed of development I refuse the notion it’s going to make our life easy. But maybe I was a little harsh.

Yesterday was Mothers Day and I know this can be a tough day for a lot of people. On fathers day while my kids and wife do spoil me, I feel an emptiness because I do miss my father. In the interest of safety my siblings and I decided we would not all meet up this time around. Though my mum is a fit and healthy 65 year old, we didn’t want to take the risk. Yesterday afternoon we all set up our laptops in our houses and used Microsoft Teams for a 3 way Happy Mothers Day chat and celebration session. It was strange to start with but mum loved it. I know she feels it but she was happy we still kept up the tradition of meeting, be it virtual.

So for the tech that lets you keep in touch, to talk, to share good things or moments of uncertainty, hail hail.