A story needs sharing

Like so many out there, I’ve always liked to put pen to paper and write something, anything, I champion doodling.  If you’ve had a chance to browse my blog you will notice from the various posts that there isn’t any one common theme.

But if ever I needed a real push to put my head down and write something with a passion *excludes uni thesis* then this was it. As some of the sketchy details unfolded before me, I felt I was already on the same journey.  The Chhatwal brothers were and even today stand to be remarkable individuals.  It’s one thing to leave your homeland of India as young men to travel to England in search of work and better life.  A few years later it’s a whole new thing to drive back to your homeland through countries you have never even heard of, with little or no knowledge, sharing a car with total strangers.

Their journey to a new country, and their road trip back home is nothing short of amazing, however there is a wider message that the Chhatwal brothers are keen to share with their audience.  That is a message of taking time and listening to the generation before us, to share in their stories and experiences, to learn from what is passed down so that it may help us in our lives.  The previous generation not only learnt the art to survive but they built the will and courage to strive and give back to every aspect of community.