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Changing the name of my book

The name before the change

When I began writing my draft novel in 2015, a book title hadn’t featured into my thoughts. As the story developed I went about putting a title to it. Early 2016 I devised the following name:

“An Austin, Two Singhs and The Road”

The logic behind the original name derived from: (1) The vehicle being driven was an Austin Cambridge; (2) Two of characters of my story are Sikhs. By default all male Sikhs have Singh as their middle name which means lion; (3) The road that was travelled.
However staring at this book title for the last two years and having a much broader understanding of what I had written, it wasn’t befitting. The title didn’t grab me, it didn’t jump up at me, didn’t tell me much about the book. So after visiting a few book shops for inspiration and having finishing my final edit, I reset title expectations.
I listed 22 possible combinations based on the key elements of my book, jumbled them together, pulled them apart and then re-arranged them.

I’m settled on the new book name

So here it is, I opted for something less complex and a does what it says on the tin approach. Everyone from novice writers to experienced publishers will have their own connotation on book names. But when I look at this, I feel confident it will work.


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

6 thoughts on “Changing the name of my book

    1. Ha ha. I liked it too but it bordered on the edge without saying anything. It’s not a title I let go of too easily but who knows what may happen between now and publishing…

  1. I really like the new title. Although I didn’t NOT like the original, it gave away a little too much straight away. This leaves a tiny bit of mystery…
    Can’t wait to read it

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