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Recalling My Dream – #1 (2014)

I awoke around 08:14 this morning with a clear memory of my dream last night. Here’s how it unfolded:

I am in a small room, mostly coloured a dark shade of blue. I was facing a mirror and there in-front of me sat Natalie Portman dressed in her “Black Swan” outfit. I realise I am interviewing her and she is somewhat overwhelmed, emotional.
The next thing I know I shift to another part of the room, sit down and in walks the famous Lata Mangeshkar, followed by some security guards. I ask her how her journey was from India, she comments tough. I respond by saying how strange it is that with modern technology things are more difficult. She then tells me she is here to comfort Natalie Portman because she is upset.
After that, I wake up.

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Piecing together a Dream – I am no Freud!

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“Sweet Dreams Darling”…..”but I don’t dream”……”I do”.

I do dream a lot, when I am sleeping that is, well that’s what my mind tells me however I am not sure whether my eyes are open or closed.  I can also recount my dreams very well but I am guessing an expert in the field will confirm a scientific theory behind that.

Anyway, I have been replaying a dream I had last night, this is how it went.

The location of the dream was some sort of docks, I know that because there was a ship, lots of water and kind of those cobble roads around us.  I say us because I was not alone, but I can’t quite “place the faces”.  All of a sudden I was confronted by a tall monster, who was being handcuffed.  The tall monster tried to escape and transformed into a tall person, some young kid popped out from nowhere to shoot it but I put my hand in front of the gun, the tall person then rapidly got wrestled to the ground and pumped with an injection to calm it down.

I suddenly awoke, stared at the ceiling and thought, how strange.  This morning I was still chewing over the dream and it finally occurred to me various bits from yesterday/weekend which I could relate to this dream, so here goes:

Location @ Docks: Just this past Sunday and yesterday, the wife and I have been talking about booking a trip away to the Isle of Wight, so instantly ships and water have been on my mind.

Tall Monster turns human: This is a strange one, one of my Twitter friends mentioned to me as a joke that she was 10ft tall.  I then responded to her that for such a tall person she would make a good goalkeeper.  The monster part?  Well she is kind of scary in the Blogging/Twitter world.

Monster is handcuffed: This is brilliant.  I was watching an old movie last night, Absent Without Leave (AWOL), starring the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme, who in one scene is about to be handcuffed.

Boy with a gun: OK, so my kids have been playing with their Nerf guns all weekend, on the rampage at home.

Tall Human get’s injections: Yesterday morning I got my last injection from the nurse for my trip to India; although I am not 10ft tall.

It sounds as if I made most of this up, but I kid you not!

So, how well do you remember your dreams?