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“Blogger Appreciation Award” – time to give

Over the past week I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of some awards from the blogger community, for which I am ever grateful.  However, my blog is only as good as the bloggers who take time to visit and put comments on it. 

So, I decided to create an award of my own called Blogger Appreciation Award.   Now I am pretty sure this type of award does not exist, well didn’t the last time I scanned the interweb.

Ok, what is the Blogger Appreciation Award?

Blogger Appreciation Award is an award given to another blogger in appreciation of the time they’ve spent visiting your blog, writing comments and consistently responding to comments you have written on their blog.

There are only two rules that come with this award.

    1. Identify no more then 10 bloggers for nomination and describe their blog in just ONE word
    2. Copy & Paste the Award (somewhat suspect potato art) into your blog, see below.

Rule 1 – Nominated Bloggers

Rule 2 – Copy & Paste the award

Well done you all!

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Versatile Blogger Award – being spoilt…..

I am not one to make a BiG FuSS over anything, but once again a BiG THanK YoU to the Dark Angel for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Bitter, I know you have stipulated a combination of rules, I got stuck at 15 bloggers, so I will skip a few if that’s OK.

1. Thank the person – Overcome with joy and emotion…..Thanks Bitter

2. Seven random things about me

  1. I love South Indian food – especially Dosa (veg and non-veg)
  2. I want to be a writer
  3. Thundercats is my all time fav. cartoon
  4. The UK government should bring back the death penalty
  5. My mind is consistently occupied with the question as to why we are here
  6. Someone once said “Potato is so trust-worthy that I could put my naked gf in a room with him and still know she would be OK [not quite sure how to take this one]”
  7. I used to think Vampires were all made up!

3. Include the Award.

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“Liebster Blog Award” – Many Thanks

Dear Readers,

Over the weekend I was notified by a fellow blogger that I had been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award

What is a Liebster Blog Award?

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
Explanation from following >this blog< 
Like all nice things in life, there are certain Rules attached, good one’s though.
Rule No.1 – Thank the person who gave you this award and then have a link back to their site.
Rule No.2 – Select your top 5 blogs (with <200 followers) who you would like to pass on this award to and ensure you write a comment on their blogs to let them know.
So Here Goes….
Becoming Bitter: You say you are becoming Bitter, but I have noticed a change
It’s My Thoughts: One of a kind, like the posts
Pure Complex: Would win “post a day” challenge hands down
British Asian Blog: As stated, definitely the Coolest Apna on the planet
Creative: Poetic Justice
Rule No.3 – Copy and Paste the Liebster Blog Award
So once again, A very BiG THanK YoU for this lovely award, very much appreciated, a little recognition will keep me and everyone else going for 2012, many more posts to come.
From the mild Potato Sandwich.