When I meet Joe Black

A Quick Mad Thought!

I remember watching The Matrix Trilogy all those years ago and reading somewhere the theory, that the film was produced by the very machines, to convince the world they didn’t actually exist.  They don’t exist right?

Maybe of the same notion, that Meet Joe Black was the mastermind of Death itself, to convince us that he is not just a one-trick pony.

May You Live a Long Life!

Moving onto the subject at hand! During an evening in Leeds over the weekend, I was speaking to a friend, who is a Doc for all his sins, and our topic of conversation moved onto having a “long-life”.  He commented “I don’t want a long life, just a short happy one”. He went on to explain how he recently had been seen an increase in patients, whose partners were suffering from Dementia. He said the impact was horrific and wished he would rather “go” soon enough then to ever be on the receiving end of such an illness.

Pick Your Ideal Time!

I pondered with him, “when’s the best time to go for you the Doc? When your kids are finally married? Own that Classic car for the weekends you always wanted? Grandchildren?”.  Potential risks increase as you wait longer and longer.

So when I meet “Joe Black”, given the option when I could call it a day (Yes I know in the movie it’s not an extension but a pre-warning), what would be the choice?

Note: The irony of our conversation was we were both attending a wedding reception for a couple just starting out on the journey of their life…..