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A Son’s First Football Experience at Anfield, Liverpool

Just this weekend we took my son to watch Liverpool FC  play their opening match against Sunderland FC.  If he was already in shock when we walked around the stadium, then he got one major surprise when he walked through the turnstile and onto the ground. My son is not one to keep quiet, but for at least 15 minutes he was shell-shocked, 40,000 fans singing and shouting.

What was more pleasing was the sight of his favourite players warming up on the pitch.  As the game wore on, he became fully climatised and was spotted displaying a “Loser” sign to the opposing fans, that’s my boy.  Some pics/video’s from the day…..

My son Rajan with his cousin Kabir – these boys never rest
Walking Alongside the Stadium with Uncle Ricky
Rajan with Dad and Uncle Ricky – still shell shocked I think
Liverpool Squad Shaking Hands before the match
Posing with the One Shankly


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

2 thoughts on “A Son’s First Football Experience at Anfield, Liverpool

  1. Aww your son and nephew look soo cute. Opps I forgot their little men.. okay they looked so handsome lol. Cuties. Looking at these photos reminds me of Yankee stadium and fans getting ready for a big game. Great post.

    1. Thanks Kay.

      Cute they may look but they are both little monsters, they didn’t sleep until we were some 10 miles from home, after which point they were as heavy as a sack of potatoes to carry into the house.

      It was a great experience, they will both remember it for a long time to come, although I would never do a 400mile journey in one day again.

      Have a good day.

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