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Music Week, Day 5 – Mausam (Climate)

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This is my final installment of Music Week, I hope you have enjoyed it so far.  I actually heard this track first time this week and the first thing that popped into my head was what a great way to start 2012.  Enjoy!

Sung by Reena Bhardwaj.

 Translation by some king person

Ek rang mein jeena, jeevan ko…
(Living your life in one colour)

Aayy jaane tamanna, theek nahin…
(My dear, is not a good thing)

Gham aur Khushi do rastay hai…
(Sadness and Happiness are two paths)

Ek rahe pe chalna, theek nahin…
(To walk on one path, is not a good thing)

Badal jaaye Mausam…
(The Seasons change)

Khushi aaye, Jaaye Gham…
(Happiness comes and sadness leaves)



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

2 thoughts on “Music Week, Day 5 – Mausam (Climate)

    1. I only heard this song a week ago and it has really grown on me, to the point that I sing it at least once a day.

      Will post more, just not always sure how people react to one’s taste in music, hoping this new world music clicks with others as it has with me.


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