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A trip to the Motherland– India

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1993 was the last time I graced the soil of India, I recall getting off the plane in July and being hit by a heat wave.  To make matters worse, I was wearing a suit jacket so the passport remained safe.  The car journey from the airport was a struggle, I had orange juice from a carton but it was hot.  My trip then was unplanned and more a cause of duty, the mood was not great however I learned a lot and my mother and I managed to visit Sri Hemkunt Sahib.  This was a journey I would never forget, an experience totally overwhelming.

This February I make the journey back to India for a family wedding.  I am excited because there are so many family members I have not seen for so long, I was 16 then, much older now and much wiser (I think).  On the other hand I have been grumpy too as my wife and kids cannot make the wedding as kids are at school and they have strict guidelines for pulling them out.

So it’s going to be a 7 day trip, 4 days of that the wedding, 1 day in travelling and hopefully 2 days off to rest/sight-see.

The last I was there, toilet rolls had still not surfaced the ground, I hear India has changed a little since then?


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

7 thoughts on “A trip to the Motherland– India

  1. 1993 till today is a very long time. I think you may get a bit of a culture shock in the sense how advance (in terms of technology) people are. My last ‘fly by visit’ to South Asia did give me a culture shock – especially when I saw a old chap, who lived in one of those mud huts. Within this hut he had a TV (one which at the time made mine look like a portable one) and owned two mobile phones, one which was no doubt a better looking than mine. It seemed technology had been accepted by virtually everyone. It pretty much was everywhere.

    Have a good time and enjoy lime-water.

    1. Hi Mate,

      I have some inclanation that things have drastically changed, my brother was over in Delhi not long ago and gave me the low-down on some things. They have embraced technology at a rate that cannot be described, from the upper class chumps right down to lower class (Note: I hate the class distinction thing so only mentioned for this post).

      I am rather looking forward to the people aspect, not so much my family members but friends of family, I understand they give you a good scan head to toe to assess your style……

      Yes the Limca is incredible however I think it’s bottled water for me all the way.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in India. Weddings are usually that.. a wonderful time :). Of course I will ask you to take a lot of photos for me to see lol.. but you definitely deserve to enjoy yourself my friend. And try not to allow the long trip to get to you.. sometimes that’s the most aggravating part of any trip. Have Fun and be safe 🙂

  3. The last time you went was a very somber, sad and heart breaking occasion. You were in mourning and very very young. I always pray that no one has to go through what you did.

    This time will be so different and hope you really enjoy your trip and make the most of it. Things certainly have changed and technology wise it’s made life there a lot easier too, making your stay more comfortable too.

    Remember stick to bottled water only, if traveling or visiting someone carry your own water at all times. It’s so worth it. This is one rule we always follow and we never fall ill or get upset stomaches and we never get injections or malaria tablets before going.

    1. Slowly I am warming to the idea, we are trying to plan a special 1 day trip to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple, we that goes ahead then it will be the highlight (oh, yes the wedding too).

      Bottles of water to be procured the minute I step off Indra Ghandi International, if I need to be my own trolley dolly then happy with that too. If the stomach plays up, God help the loo!

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