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Write! Hold Firm

Write! Hold firm, and write without fear,
With Love in your heart of someone dear.
Be not afraid to burn the midnight oil,
Otherwise with regret you’ll forever toil. 

If the world deem, you barking mad,
Hold smile on your face, don’t feel sad.
Let the words flow free and wide,
Their honesty will battle any tide.    

Many will tell you, you can’t write,
That it’s as hard as trying, to fly a kite.
It’s time to stand firm, words can mend,
Have faith,  make pen your closest friend.                                                            

Make paper your path on which to walk,
Become that listener,  hear people talk.
There will be times when the hand will ache,
Lift it up and give it a good shake.
There will be moments when you get writers block,
Take a break,  it’s not a race against the clock. 

If this is the one,  then do take your time,
To rush the words would be the ultimate crime. 


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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