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A Special Journey…begins with a thought

A Thought begins here


There was a thought in my mind,
Amidst the chaos and noise that was,
A thought which I couldn’t take back.
Upon that thought I made a wish,
From the wish a purpose lay ahead,
Now the purpose had to be reality.
The reality drove us to start planning,
Our planning led us to a runway,
From the runway the plane took off.
Hearts sank as two angels left behind,
Tears now dried from weeks of crying,
10,000 miles later the plane landed home.
Home where once my ancestors had lived,
Vulnerable and unprotected we now felt exposed,
Further exhaustion lay in wait for us.
But repetition of our fate was temporary,
We both had something to cling to,
‘Take me there’ a humble request parted.
As the hot Delhi dust finally settled,
And ashes were merged with sacred waters,
It was time to fulfil that wish.
Busy roads crossed, horning cars we passed,
I dismissed the heat and maintained focus,
Then three days and two nights later.
We arrived at the first Holy gate!

[A special journey background]




Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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