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A Special Journey…completes with belief

I’m lost for words

I arrived at the second Holy gate.
The driver and I departed without ego,
One more evening before my pilgrimage begins,
Time to unpack and rest my tired mind.
At 5am my eyes open from darkness,
The rain is pushing against the window,
‘Will we be able to walk today’,
‘It rains 5-6am each day’ I hear,
By 6am I am focused, no rain!
With my mum I make the climb,
It takes several hours, lots of encouragement,
People of all ages are climbing today,
Each with a reason for their soul,
Alas, we have reached the very top,
I am now lost for words, speechless,
My troubled and angry heart at peace.
[“A special journey” series – Wednesday]




Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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