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“Ego” – Explosive Gloating Overdose


“Sometimes an inflation occurs to my sleeping ego, knocks me for six, and afterwards I’m back to . So I remember that story mum used to tell me”.

In the Sikh faith, Langar is a free kitchen often found in Gurdwara’s, Sikh places of worship. Over the last few years, stalls have been set up globally serving food to those who need it. Most notably during this pandemic. Anyone, from any walk of life, race, colour, creed can visit the Gurdwara and partake in Langar. The serving of Langar to the congregation can be conducted by anyone wishing to partake in this selfless service (Sevadar).

Dispelling is impossible

One day some Sevadar’s noticed that a man who helped with the serving of the Langar, would collect all the unfinished food and take it away. Accusing him of stealing, they raised a complaint against him.

The man was summoned and the accusation was presented to him. Bowing, he admitted to collecting all the unfinished food and taking it away. He was then asked why he did this.

“Sir, I am welled with Ego, many times I cross the boundary into self indulgence, and regard all others well beneath me. Even when I am serving, my ego begins to bubble, because “I” am doing this service while they just sit and eat.

Then, at the end of each day, I scoop up all the left over food, place it into a tray and eat it myself. With this, I try and quash my ego with every spoonful of food”.

“Ego – there’s too much of it around the world – it’s corroding us”


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

4 thoughts on ““Ego” – Explosive Gloating Overdose

  1. Definitely some big egos around making life difficult. There some interesting theories about being able to remove the ego (the “I”).

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