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Is paying your spouse or partner compliments on Facebook normal?

Appreciate there are numerous articles written about Facebook (some good, some bad) and even though I cut loose many moons ago, I still think that if used and not abused, it’s a very useful tool, as it recently proved with finding the missing teenager Serena Beakhurst, but is there room for FB complimenting? 

A few days ago one of my wife’s friends posted a message on FB informing friends and family that she was quitting her business to pursue other things.  Sounds a good idea and there were some nice messages of Thanks” and Best of luck in your next venture.  What caught the attention was a comment from her other half along of the lines of an essay telling her how great she was, how much he loved her and all other things complimentary.  What followed was another 10 messages from friends which all contained the phrase “awwww”.  I had heard of several similar instances (which I ignored at the time) which included a couple I know who were posting messages to each other, telling each other how much they adored one another, only to be sitting in different rooms in the same house.

Apologies if at this point anyone get’s offended, that was not my intention but am I the only one to feel this is slightly over the top?  It’s great to compliment your spouse/partner but to do this on Facebook, just sounds a little weird.

I ask myself, why would you want to do that?  Is this purely an innocent step or do people want the whole world to know how much they are in love or admiration?  Don’t get me wrong, I never shy away from complimenting my wife in public, but it’s between very close friends and family and often along the lines of how well she copes with 3 kids (which includes me) and work.

Is it fair to say that there are just some things you shouldn’t really broadcast in the Facebook world unless you are insecure?


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “Is paying your spouse or partner compliments on Facebook normal?

  1. Very true! I don’t understand why people want to broadcast their lives so publicly. Worst is when they go on about how bad their relationship is. I think it’s just a cry for attention!

  2. I deactivated my FB account in October. I think it’s overrated. And I agree with you that people who talk too much about their relationships on their walls or their partner’s walls just want attention.

    1. Thanks for responding. FB is going to be like some long running soap, people are never going to stop telling other people about their lives, although you may start getting a fair few who will “stop listening”.

  3. i just landed here snooping around and you wont believe it but i just told someone of for their love story being played to everyone on her wall..

    it makes you cringe reading it.. eweeee

    you have an inbox use it… seriously thats what i wrote on her wall…

  4. i’d been watching their crap for the past few days… i know her well .. and thats why i’ll probably get away with saying it… it just keeps coming up on my home page.. and like u say why broadcast your relationship on fb..

    you now have settings where u can decide who sees what post.. they can both make their posts pvt and say what they want.. so there is defo some sort of insecurity going on… its a new relationship and she has “fallen head over heals in love” all caution has gone to the wind.. hope she doesn’t live to regret being so public about it…

    i must sound really narky this afternoon… 😦

  5. ok 2 things… one i’ve lost a file on my pc that i can’t find.. a spread sheet with no back up to recover it…

    two a certain person signed out of yahoo and never bothered to sign back in… very annoying indeed…

    1. Hey there bro,

      Thing is, when a child get’s to a certain age, no matter what sport it is, a certain competitive edge begins to develop. I think one of the reasons why we in this country lag behind other countries in terms of sports is because we are too scared to gear children up to be competitive. Nothing wrong with being competitive, as long as it’s constructive and helps development. If the child is not “up to scratch”, they will then not enjoy the sport because they will be expected to reach a certain level.

      If it’s a team game, then you must always think in the interest of the team but develop each child to be a vital and fulfilling contributor to that team.

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