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Potato turns ONE

Exactly a year ago today I started this blog, there was a sudden urge for me to write something, but an even bigger urge to share those thoughts with the outside world.

It’s been a fantastic year of blogging and along the yellow brick road I have come across some amazing bloggers, but more importantly some amazing people!

The PotatoSandwich Thanks all those who have visited this site and posted comments, even those who just hit the like button.

Year 2 in the life of PotatoSandwich will see more strange thoughts, more photography and a greater insight in my world of writing stories.

However, for now, I would like to showcase the two posts which motivated me to start this blog; I hope you enjoy them, blast from the past.

Letting Go – The Father of the Bride

What’s Worse than the M25



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

6 thoughts on “Potato turns ONE

  1. You just celebrated your century and now potato is one year old. Mubarka!!

    You have done amazingly well and look forward to seeing you through your second year with your amazing quality and standard of writing.

    Well done. 😉

  2. HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!!! I’m sorry I missed this when you first posted it my friend, but I am still excited this blog is 1 years old. You really have a unique voice in the world of blogging, and I just enjoy coming here. To many more 🙂

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